About Me

I’m Amanda Kennedy, the founder and content creator behind The Amanda Kennedy Blog.

I started this blog in the middle of a VERY twisty road to an unexpected career in Tech and Manufacturing. I studied Genetics as an Undergrad at Rutgers University, where I also played Division 1 College Soccer, and followed it with a Master’s in Genomics at The University of Tennessee. Years in the lab, and a combined curiosity about skincare led me to start using my scientific background (and access to research publications) to start decoding product labels. My passion quickly developed into sharing the insights I learned about beauty products – and The Amanda Kennedy Blog was born!

After years spent in the manufacturing industry, I now work for a software company as their CPG (consumer product good) specialist – meaning alllllll of the people I work with are making the products I’m so obsessed with – skincare, haircare, makeup, etc. You will see me traveling constantly as a result.

I love to share my passion, scientific knowledge, and industry insights about beauty products with everyone, and truly believe that taking time for self-care can not only change the way a person looks, but can also change the way the feel about themselves. If you stick around, you’ll see beauty reviews, clothing that makes me feel like a bad-ass, as well as food, fitness and travel favorites as I explore my home in Knoxville, and the rest of the world!

When I’m not working, you can find me trying new workouts, cooking up new recipes, hanging out with my 2 dogs, or exploring new cities with my husband. I hope you’ll follow along!

Connect with me:

on instagram: @amandadev4

on TikTok: @amandakennedyblog

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Amanda 🙂

    I just came across your blog and I love it! You’re amazing! I was just wondering how I could get my products or story featured on it? I produce my own line of vegan and cruelty free organic skincare and until earlier this year had a very successful shop in Santa Monica, but I had to close it down because of Covid! : (  I need to share my story and products online now and really need the help to get the momentum going you know?

    Again, I love your blog please so let me know what I could do for you to put up a post about my products or story so we can share something amazing with your followers! ❤ 

    Hope to talk to you soon Amanda 🙂


    You can check me out here! http://www.ChampionebyMileva.com

    P.S.I just subscribed to your blog so I look forward to hearing from you that way too! Thank you so much and have a beautiful day! 


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