Evaluating 2018


What a year it has been! 2018 has been one of the best years of my entire life, if not the absolute best. In 2018 I defended my thesis and earned my master’s degree, married the love of my life, and started my first big girl job.
While I’ve got so much to be thankful for, I’m also so ready for the fresh start that a new year always seems to bring. I’m also 100% the type of person who loves to start the year with new goals. It may sound cheesy, but I find setting new goals to be one of the most exciting things about New Year’s day.
Of course, you can always set new goals, and you don’t need January 1st to roll around to start holding yourself accountable. But it is a great reminder to take a look back at the previous year and evaluate how you did the year before, and give yourself a healthy dose of constructive criticism for the things that need improvement, as well as pat yourself on the back for the things you accomplished.
Today I’d like to share a healthy critique (and humble brag?) of how I feel about 2018.

Some things that need improvement:

  1. Making my health a priority. Last year I got pretty swept up in wedding chaos… then took a ten day honeymoon. As a newlywed, I definitely focused more on enjoying/preparing delicious food rather than the most nutritious. Next thing I know, I’m traveling for basically three months straight, and then the holidays start. Certainly not the ideal scenario for a regular workout routine or healthy food choices.
  2. Do a better job of budgeting my time (practice saying no!). I won’t lie, I love being busy. But at some point, you need time to eat, sleep, and enjoy time with your loved ones. I have a tendency to get so caught up in all the things I want to be a part of, that I have a hard time committing myself as fully as I would like to. Having too much on my plate also takes away from the quality time I would like to spend with my husband and dogs 😉

Some things I did well:

  1. Made some huge strides in terms of my career and education. I defended my master’s thesis, graduated, and then started my big-girl full-time job. That was definitely a big step for me in terms of my future, and probably my biggest set of achievements last year.
  2. Planned my dream wedding with my husband. This was another big life milestone for me. Getting married is a whole new ball game in itself, but planning a wedding is seriously something else entirely. Chris and I set a strict budget for ourselves, planned the whole wedding, and had the most incredible time doing. But the real accomplishment here: staying under budget!!! It may not sound like much to someone who has never planned/helped plan a wedding, but researching vendors, getting pricing, and figuring out creative ways to keep things in your price range was such an adventure.


Things I’d like to accomplish in 2019:

  1. Make better nutrition a priority. I’ll be starting a Whole30 Challenge on Sunday, January 6th as a way to kick-start this goal. Without going into too much detail, Whole30 teaches you to focus on eating wholesome, non-processed foods. I’ve done it before, and I loved how I felt after eliminating all the junk from my diet! My first goal for 2019 is to fully complete the Whole30, and reintroduction phase (more details on all that later).
  2. Take training more seriously for this year’s Covenant Health Half-Marathon. I ran this race last year, but definitely took advantage of the fact that I’ve always been a fairly decent runner. In other words, I really only halfway stuck to my training plan of 3 structured runs a week plus 1-2 days of cross training. The ultimate goal would be to beat last year’s race time by being more committed to training. I also hope that pounding these good habits into my head will help me stay consistent throughout the year.
  3. Do more with less. This year, Chris and I really want to make saving a priority. We want to build or fix up a ‘new’ home, travel, and get our financial ducks in a row. For me personally, that translates into shopping/buying less clothing/shoes/make-up/etc. I’m hoping this will spark a little creativity and inspire me to rediscover old favorites…Kind of like this navy dress repurposed from an older blog post 😉

Today’s blog post definitely got personal, but I hope that putting this out into the world for other people to read will help hold me accountable. I’ve found that before setting any goals (ever), it’s always helpful to look back and see what I could do better, and focus my time on that. I’ve definitely done my best here to use my self-critique to guide my goals for 2019. I also hope it helps you reflect on the past year, and motivates you to make some goals!

Are you the kind of person who makes goals/resolutions every year?

Until next time,


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