My Current Everyday Make-up Routine (High-End)

As much fun as it is to experiment with new make-up looks or techniques, the odds of ever seeing a glittery smokey eye or bold lip in the workplace is pretty rare, at least in my job. To be perfectly honest, in most standard/corporate office jobs, the most ‘appropriate’ look is going to err on the side of minimal make-up. I personally don’t want to spend tons of time on my make-up anyways. Especially when I have to be at the office by 7:30 AM, or leaving for job sites/manufacturing facilities at 7 AM.

All that being said, make-up is absolutely a form of expression, and I see nothing wrong with letting some artistry shine. As long as it doesn’t shine louder than your work does, it won’t bother me. However, most offices have a stricter dress code, and my everyday make-up routine falls much more in line with that look.

I’ve listed the products below in the order that I use them. I always do a full skin care routine before ever applying make-up. Without further ado, these are my everyday go-to make-up products:

1. Primer – Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer ($42)

I am a firm believer of the saying ‘It’s a crime not to prime’ if I am ever using a product heavier than a BB cream/tinted moisturizer. At the end of the day, if you aren’t taking the time to prime your skin, you shouldn’t be surprised when your make-up doesn’t last all day. Primers can be switched out to suit your skin type during the different season as well. I tend to be a bit drier in the winter, so I tend to reach for more moisturizing products. In the summer, I typically use a mattifying primer in my T-zone to help my make-up last through the heat. Recently, I’ve been using this hydrating primer to help prevent dryness.

2. Foundation – Estee Lauder Double-Wear Stay in Place Make-up ($42)

This is pretty much my go-to foundation for a lot of reasons. First, it matches my skin tone pretty well, so never have to worry about weird demarcation lines on my neck. Second, this is one of the hardiest foundations I’ve ever tried. It lasts through a full work day, and straight into evening activities like dinner with friends. I may use a blotting sheet at the end of the work day if I am going somewhere, but I never have to worry about re-applying or powdering. Finally, I love this foundations coverage. It leans more towards the full-coverage side for sure, but can also easily be sheered out with a beauty blender for a natural-looking finish. This is the ideal work look for me because this gives me the ‘your-skin-but-better’ feel without getting cakey or wearing off your face by the end of the day. 100% worth the price.

3. Concealer – Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer ($28)

I have dark circles under my eyes, regardless of the amount of sleep I get. So unfortunately, I will always need to use concealer. I’m a fan of the creamy formula and the finish of the particular concealer. It lasts all day, and doesn’t get crease-y or break down by the end of the day.

4. Powder – Too Faced Peach-Perfect Powder ($33)

To be honest, I’m kind of surprised I like this powder. I’ve never been really into mattifying products, because I tend to think skin looks best with a natural glow. However, this powder won me over with its peachy color, rather than the lighter color of other loose powders I’ve tried. It just seems to look more natural on my skin, especially when I’m on the tanner side.

5. Bronzer- Bobbi Brown Bronzer (in Natural) ($44)

This is just my perfect color. It gives my face life, color and a little definition without being too orange or ashy. It blends super-easily and lasts all day. Not much more to it!

6. Blush – Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush (in Paaarty) ($29)

So at this point, I’m decently surprised that I don’t have more drugstore products on here. But alas, this is one of my favorite blushes of all time. Its pigmented enough to give a nice wash of color, but also not so pigmented that you look like a child got a hold of your face (and your make-up). Plus, I think the pretty rose shape of the blush itself is just so darn cute.

7. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (in Radiant Light) ($46)

I use this as a finishing powder all over the high points on my face after I’ve finished all the rest of my face make-up. I prefer this to a highlighter when I’m going for a more natural look. It gives me a bit of that face-filter-in-real-life look and I am here for it.

8. Eyeshadow Palette – Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renassaince Palette ($42)

This palette is great quality, easy to blend, and full of the neutral colors I always gravitate towards. I usually just use a few neutral matte shades, and maybe one of the shimmer shades on the lid.

9. Brows – Benefit GimmeBrow Gel ($24)

This is my go-to brow product for work days because A) I’m lazy and don’t want to put a lot of effort into my brows and B) this takes about five seconds to put on, which is perfect when I’m rushing out the door in a hurry.

10. Mascara – Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara ($25)

I’ve been using this mascara for a few weeks now, and I’m honestly very impressed. I have what I would call ‘roof’ lashes… so they just kind of stick out straight down from my eyes, and don’t hold a curl well. However, this mascara helps my lashes hold a curl better than any mascara I have ever tried. It isn’t the most thickening or lengthening mascara I’ve ever tried, but it solves my biggest problem.

11. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray ($32)

If you aren’t using a setting spray as a regular part of your make-up routine, you are majorly missing out. This is an absolute must if you want to lock-in your make-up all day. I also feel like it helps all your powder and liquid products kind of mesh together for a completely blended look.

If you’re in search for the perfect products to add to your make-up routine, I highly recommend giving these ones a go!

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