Back in Knoxville, Feelin’ all the fall feels


If you follow me on social media, or happen to know me in ‘real’ life, you might know that I’ve been training in Chicago for my new job for the last month. This past weekend, I finally completed phase one of the training program, and had he chance to fly home (woohoo!). While I thoroughly enjoyed Chicago (helloooooo deep dish pizza and shopping!) I was more than ready to get back to Knoxville to see my husband and our dogs.

Since I got back pretty late on Friday night, I didn’t really have the chance to see how much Knoxville had changed since I left. And let me tell you- it was in full-on fall mode! The leaves had turned, the PSL was back, and I couldn’t help but drag my husband to the nearest group of leafy trees to shoot my new favorite fall accessory (acquired in Chicago, of course).

I’ve been seeing this wide-brim winter hat trend all over social media, but never thought I could pull it off. I’ve always considered myself one of those people that couldn’t wear hats. I have NO idea where this whole thing came from, but it’s been a mentality of mine for so long, I never really thought to question it until my husband bought me a hat to wear at the UT football games this season. So, when I came across this hat at Nordstrom Last Call for less than $5… I couldn’t resist. And lets be real…I’m always looking for an excuse to get out of washing my hair, and dry shampoo only lasts so long 😉 I guess you could say I’ve been on an affordable fashion kick lately, considering my dress and boots were also a major price score!

I’ve been stoked about posting this dress on the blog for the longest time, because I found it at one of the all-time most affordable online shopping sites I’ve ever come across- She In. Did I mention it was only $9? I’d heard tons of mixed reviews about the site before I ever tried to buy there, but my advice is pretty simple. Read reviews on an item before you buy it. It will give you SUPER valuable sizing information, plus lots of people post pictures of themselves wearing the items, so you can get a better idea of what they will look like in real life. To be fair,  the exact measurements for every garment is also posted on the site, so if you aren’t 100% sure, you can always bust out a tape measure.

The final piece of my outfit will be on repeat allllllll fall/winter. There is just something so fun and effortless about OTK boots. These Marc Fisher ones are amazing, because they have a strip of black stretchy fabric running down the back that keep these up on my legs, and would probably work well for people with different leg shapes. I scored these on sale at DSW last year for around $60. I’m not sure if they are still available, but if they are, I’ll link them below.


IDK about y’all, but now that Halloween has passed, I feel like the holidays are all just right around the corner. I can’t wait to put together some fun outfits for holiday parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

What fall trends are you loving right now?


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What I’m wearing:

Dress: She In – Oxblood baggy long sleeve dress

Hat: (similar) Halogen – wide brim hat

OTK Boots: Marc Fisher – LTD Rossa OTK Boots

2 thoughts on “Back in Knoxville, Feelin’ all the fall feels

  1. Congrats on finishing up your training! This outfit is seriously sooo cute 🙂 It looks straight off of Pinterest and the color scheme is perfect. Your boots and hat are too stylish!

    Miles of smiles,


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