Double-masking: Sephora & Dr. Jart Mask Review

For today’s post, I’m sharing one of my FAVORITE things to do….masking! I know some people are totally anti-masks because they don’t find them effective, or they don’t like the mess. I personally love using face masks- I have several masks I find effective and relaxing…and lets be real… I can’t be the only person who enjoys a little pampering or “me time”.


On a recent Sephora trip, I picked up the Sephora Green Clay Mask ($8) and the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Sheet Mask ($6). The clay mask is designed to help purify and minimize pores, while the sheet mask is excellent for dryness and uneven skin texture.


The clay mask comes in a little pouch with enough product for ~4 uses. The product is a pale seafoam green color with a surprisingly gritty texture. Most of the product is creamy, but it contains some bead-like granules that likely help to manually exfoliate your face when you remove the mask.


The clay mask doesn’t quite dry down like some of the others do, but that didn’t bother me much. It was easy to remove, but I didn’t see any major difference in my skin immediately after use. This product was just “okay”, and I will probably use it up, but I doubt I will repurchase it.

The clay mask at work!


The Ceramidin sheet mask, on the other hand, completely blew me out of the water. I left the mask on until all of the serum had been absorbed into the skin, which is quite a bit longer than the instructions suggest. I’m no sheet mask newbie, and I have learned that leaving the sheet mask on until there is no more product left to be absorbed means I get the most bang for my buck. The mask did wonders for my skin- I typically get some tiny white bumps on my cheeks, which are likely from dryness- and they were completely gone when I removed the mask.




The results from the sheet mask were even more apparent in the morning. My skin was plump, hydrated, smooth and glowing! I had some leftover essence/serum left in the mask packaging from the night before, I like to save this essence to use the next evening, and I am glad I did! I used the leftover essence the following evening, and had the same beautiful results.

My experience with the Ceramidin sheet mask was phenomenal, and I will definitely be purchasing more of these masks. I’m so happy with the way my skin looked, I have considered trying more of the Dr. Jart Ceramidin line in the future.

I hope you found this mask review helpful! I know I’m always on the lookout for a good sheet mask- I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions!

Until next time,


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