Flannels & Leather Leggings


So it turns out, I’m not so good at this whole adulting thing. Last week, a series of unfortunate events (that were 100% my fault) turned my work travel into a complete mess. For starters, I accidentally booked my hotel for the wrong dates… and of course, when I arrived at said hotel, it was completely booked for the night. Did I mention that I arrived an hour and a half later than planned, since I totally forgot the clothing I put on hangers after I had already driven the first 45 minutes away from my house? Fortunately the front desk staff was incredible, and gave me a cookie and water while she called around to their sister hotels to find my a room.

This little mishap was only one of a string of self-induced misfortune over the last week. I think the world is trying to tell me something: Adulting is HARD. But putting together a casual fall weekend outfit doesn’t have to be!

This outfit is SO easy to throw together, and chances are, you already have most of what you need in your closet already. This look could easily be recreated with leggings, a flannel, a t-shirt (mine is long-sleeved), and some boots.  But, one thing I really love about this look is the leggings. Rather than bust out a pair of your standard black leggings, I went for these amazing Spanx leather leggings. They are seriously SO comfortable, and high-waisted, which I personally love. It just makes this look a little more fun, in my opinion!

These boots are definitely a staple piece for me in the fall as well. They are Uggs, so they have that incredible fur lining in the foot area that can keep your toes from freezing off in this chilly weather. Another bonus is that they are waterproof, so they wont get destroyed in the snow either!




Flannels are such a staple piece for fall, and there are so many cute ways to style them. If you don’t have one now, I highly recommend grabbing one ASAP. If you are anything like me, you’ll get plenty of wear out of it this fall/winter. If you are open to the leather legging trend, I also highly recommend these leggings. They aren’t cheap, but they are probably my favorite pair of leggings to date! Click the links below to find all of the stuff I’m wearing.

Until next time,


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Items pictured:

Bag- $195 – Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Convertible Crossbody

Flannel (mine is old, similar)- $24.50 – A&F Flannel Shirt

Long-sleeve T-shirt- $15.20 – BP Slouch Pocket Tee

Leather Leggings- $98 – SPANX Faux Leather Leggings

Boots (mine are old, similar)- $249- UGG Kasen Boots 

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