Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil-Free Foundation Review

For today’s post, I’m sharing a foundation review! As you could probably guess, I’m obsessed with makeup. But, one of my absolute favorite make-up items to try is foundation! Having that flawless foundation for your skin really makes the rest of your make-up application so much easier. Plus, everyone loves to have a flawless complexion!


The Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil-Free Photo Edition Foundation comes in 12 shades. I bought mine from Sephora (linked here) for $48. This is definitely a high-end foundation as far as price is concerned. The foundation is supposed to be medium to full coverage, and is supposed to last 10 hours. Sephora says the foundation:

Creates a flawless, comfortable canvas that lasts up to 12 hours… It smooths skin and visibly evens the look of your skin tone. The high-pigment formula blends seamlessly, hiding even hard-to-cover imperfections for a natural-looking, matte finish that’s ideal for photos, videos, and special events—as well as everyday wear. Its color-true pigments virtually disappear on your skin for a smooth, even application and blending.


To test the 10-hour wear claim of the company, I checked on my foundation every few hours. I continued this process for several days, trying several different primers and methods of application.

Check-in #1

Check-in #1- 0.5 hours post-application

Upon applying the foundation, I had to agree with the product description. My skin looked absolutely flawless, but not cakey. It was easy to blend all over the face. I found that I preferred using a brush to a beautyblender for application. I also discovered that this foundation worked best with a smoothing/pore filling primer.

please excuse my facial expression here- I stole this still image from a video I was trying to film!

Check in #2- 4 hours post-application

The foundation still looked beautiful! I couldn’t see any signs of oil, pores, or the foundation breaking down. I still looked relatively “matte” here, with absolutely zero signs of shine.

Check-in #3

Check-in #3- 8 hours post-application

This is where things start to get dicey. I definitely started to get oily around 6 hours in, and by 8 hours, my forehead, nose and chin were shiny. It wasn’t the cutest look, so I used a blotting sheet, and that took care of most of the shine. I didn’t add any powder, or touch up the foundation, so I started to lose coverage at that point, but it wasn’t awful-looking. After about 8 hours, things started to look pretty bad. The foundation coverage was looking splotchy around my nose and mouth. But, I was determined to stick it out another few hours, even though I really wanted to take the foundation off at this point.

Check in #4- 10 hours post-application

Yikes. I could NOT. WAIT. to get the foundation off my skin after 10 hours. It was breaking up around my nose, chin, mouth and forehead. My jawline coverage was coming off too, and I looked VERY oily. To be perfectly honest, I looked like a hot mess. I’m not even sharing a picture with y’all of the last check-in because things were so bad, I was afraid to have my face on the internet forever looking like that (HA!).


Final thoughts:

This foundation looked amazing in pictures (within a few hours of application). I loved the finish, and how it looked so natural on my skin.. but the wear time on this foundation did not stand up to the brands claims. I’m not a very oily person, but this foundation left me looking a little greasy after 6 hours, no matter how I applied it, or what primer I used. If you are shooting pictures, or going to an event that only lasts a few hours, this foundation may be great for you. But if you need a product that will last all day long, without blotting or re-applying powder, this is not for you. Although I loved how it looked in pictures, I will not be purchasing this foundation again.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading/seeing my experience with this product. I personally LOVE testing out foundations, so if you have any suggestions/requests, please send them my way!

Until next time,



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