Material World Co. Designer Subscription Box Review

Hello again!

This week, we are BACK with yet another subscription box review…don’t worry though, I’m not going full-force subscription service review on you!

I was approached by Material World Co. a few weeks back to collaborate with them on a review of their services. Full disclosure: I received my box for free, with the understanding that I would share the good, the bad, and the ugly about this service.

Before we jump into information about what I got in my box, I’d like to cover some basics:

What is Material World Co.?

Material World Co. is a subscription service much like other clothing boxes, with a little twist. All the items sent in your box are pre-loved designer pieces. So, if you have a love for high-quality thrifted items, a taste for designer style, but you are working on a budget, this is the perfect service for you!

How does it work?

You’ll sign up for the service here. Once you have created an account, you fill out a style ‘profile’ that allows their team of personal shoppers to pick out 10 items they think would be a goof fit for you, based on your sizing, style, and information about what you are shopping for/interested in. You’ll get an email from your stylist with a notification that it’s time to select what you want in your box, and you have 24 hours to select 5 of the 10 items your stylist has picked out for you.


A few days later, your curated box arrives, and you have four days to try everything on, decide what you want to keep, and what you want to send back.

How much does it cost?

There is a $29 styling fee applied to every box, which you can apply towards any purchase in the box. If you don’t end up purchasing anything, you are still charged the $29 styling fee. The price of individual items in every box will vary, but when you fill out your profile, you have the opportunity to select a ‘budget’ for certain types of items, letting your stylist know what you’d be comfortable spending on a blazer vs handbag, etc. Everything that came in my first box was under $100, which is excellent considering all of the items were basically brand-new designer pieces.

There is also a 20% off discount if you decide to purchase everything in your box. For the box I received, the total cost of all the items (with a 20% discount) would be $260.

Another cool thing to keep in mind as you go through this process, is that you will also have the opportunity to consign your own items through Material World. You simply send back items you wish to consign, along with the items from the box you decide not to keep. About a week later, you’ll get an email offer for your items which you can use as store credit, or cash out for a check. I personally didn’t do that this time around, so I don’t have any personal anecdotes to share about that side of the business.

What did I get in my box?

These are the ten items I could have selected:





I work in a setting hat requires fairly business-y attire, so I asked for more fall work-appropriate clothing, and other fall staples. Material World definitely delivered! I also received a few other pieces I thought were so cute. Check out the photos below to see how I styled my box!

Alice + Olivia Blazer (Retail $485 MC $75)


Joie Jacket (Retail $544 MC $60)



Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Dress (Retail $285 MC $60)



Grey Lab Dress (Retail $110 MC $65)


Theory Sweater (Retail $210 MC $65)



All things considered, I was really impressed by the quality of my items, the speed of the process, and the price point of everything I was sent. I would highly recommend this service for anyone who covets designer clothing for less, but hates spending hours combing through stores  for sales, or thrift stores for hidden gems. I’d also recommend it to anyone who feels too busy to shop, or overwhelmed by the process. This is a great way to get high-quality designer items hand-picked for you at an excellent price point. I’m already looking forward to seeing what Material World sends me in the next box! If you’d like to try it our for yourself, you can sign up here!

Have you ever tried out Material World Co? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Until next time,

Amanda Kennedy

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