September 2019 Favorites

Happy October y’all!

I’m gonna keep this blog post short and sweet, but feel free to let me know if you’d like more detailed information on anything I mention here. I’ve decided it’s about time I share my hodge-podge of things I enjoy from month to month. The blogging world can really force you to pidgeon-hole yourself into only sharing a narrow window of your life, and that’s just crazy! I love so much more than skincare and make-up, despite that being the large majority of what I talk about here. Hopefully this kind of content allows you to get to know me better as a person, and helps you discover some hidden gems! For more info, feel free to check out my Instagram stories, where I’ve saved all these things in highlights!

Without further ado, here are my September favorites:

  1. ELF poreless putty primer: This stuff is almost identical to the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer, at a fraction of the cost. It gives your skin a perfect base to apply foundation, and seriously makes a huge difference in making your make-up last all day.
  2. Urban decay shape-shifter palette: This is an oldie but goodie. It’s a dual palette with both cream and powder options for concealing/correcting, contouring, bronzing and highlighting. I’ve also recently been using it a lot on my eyes for a super-easy everyday look. It’s nice for a weekend away, since it packs so many things into one little case that wont break or bust open while traveling.
  3. Drunk Elephant NightBright Duo: I picked this up during the last sephora sale because this serum was pretty much the only drunk elephant product I’ve never tried. Part of me is mad at myself, because now I love it. The serum and oil are an absolutely wonderful combination, and leave my skin bright, fresh and hydrated in the AM. This was just a little sample duo, but there’s a REALLY high probability I pick up a full sized version during the next Sephora sale.
  4. Impress nails: Don’t laugh at me, but these press-on nails are THE BOMB. If you love the look of a gel mani/dip mani, but HATE spending three hours and a gazillion dollars in a nail salon, this is a perfect substitute. They easily last a week, and are super affordable.
  5. Dagne Dover Landon Carryall XL Bag: This bag is an investment, but I have found it to be SO worth it! It is by far one of the most organized overnight/carry-on bag I have ever seen. In the last 5-6 weeks, it’s been with me to on flights to San Diego and NYC, followed by road trips to Atlanta and Myrtle Beach. It’s big enough to cram full of carry-on items for a long weekend (NYC, ATL) or a great companion for longer trips when you need more than just one bag (Myrtle Beach, San Diego.
  6. Love Wellness Lights out supplement: This was a random find for me on a recent trip to Ulta. I’d heard a lot about this company (founded by Lo Bosworth) being an organic, *whatever* supplement company, and the packaging got me. So I bought it…and it’s great! I typically don’t have issues with sleep, but I take one of these guys when I haven’t been getting the best rest, or maybe on the weekends when I know I’ll be able to catch up on sleep/sleep in.
  7. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Creamer: All aboard the basic express. It’s officially fall, and in an effort to not spend a billion dollars at Starbucks (and SO MANY carbs) on unhealthy pumpkin spice lattes, I picked up this creamer at Kroger to satisfy my cravings, all while saving precious dollars (and calories) for other things.
  8. RoadPro Portable Oven: So this is a weird one, I’ll admit it. BUT for my job, I do a lot of driving/traveling. Three days a week, I’m kind of living out of my car. Since a lot of my trips land me in the middle of nowhere, there aren’t typically a lot of great food choices. This portable oven allows me to heat up whatever leftovers we have from the night before in 10 or so minutes while driving or hanging out in my car. It ends up doing three GREAT things for me: 1) not eating unhealthy food at sketchy gas station McDonald’s, 2) not spending money on food at sketchy gas station McDonald’s, 3) saves me time from not having to stop/find food at sketchy gas station McDonald’s.
  9. Turqoiuse Earrings: I’m not good at wearing jewelry. What I really mean is, if I didn’t have a wedding ring, I would literally probably forget to wear jewelry EVER. On a whim, I snagged these inexpensive statement earrings on amazon, and I’ve been SO PROUD of myself for working them into several different outfits this month. It has definitely inspired a new level of creativity for me in that department which was much needed! They come in so many colors, and they are so cute without being heavy!
  10. Living Proof Dry Shampoo: I’m a wash-your-hair-once-a-week kinda gal. But after day 3 or so, my hair starts to get oily. This is by far my favorite dry shampoo because I feel like it actually CLEANS my hair instead of just spraying some powdery gunk into it that soaks up oil. It’s hard to explain without experiencing it, but I’d highly recommend trying this out if you hate the gunkiness of most dry shampoos.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or want more in-depth reviews on any of these items!

Until next time,

Amanda Kennedy

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