Fall Capsule Work Wardrobe: Target Edition

Welcome back friends!

It’s still hot as Hades here in East Tennessee, but as September looms to a close, we’re being bombarded with Fall, Halloween and even Christmas decor (yepp, you read that right…Thanks Target!). I’m personally not super ready to transition into fall, although I wouldn’t mind the temps dropping into the low 80’s for a change around here. However, October is just around the corner, and Fall is inevitable, so I must embrace it!

While everyone else goes crazy on sweaters, knee-high boots, and wool hats, I’m over here thinking about how I’ll transition my work wardrobe into the next season. I think one thing the “Fashion Bloggers” who rule Instagram tend to forget is that the majority of the normal population actually have to go work in an office or other professional setting where jeans, a cropped sweater, giant floppy hat and sunglasses wouldn’t be considered “office appropriate”. As cute as these fall trends are, the reality is most of us spend the majority of our week from 8-5 Monday through Friday in ‘work clothes’. On the other hand, these are kind of the thing nobody wants to spend their hard-earned clothing budget on. After all, those designer floppy hat are expensive 😉

My solution to this conundrum is simple: a capsule work wardrobe. If you’ve never heard of a capsule wardrobe before, allow me to explain. The idea is to pick 15-20 pieces that are easily mixed and matched into different outfits, that way you can spend less on your wardrobe, and still have lots of looks to choose from. I’m a fan of this for two reasons. First, I prefer to spend my clothing $$ on fun fall things I couldn’t necessarily wear to the office. Second, it just makes your morning routine SO much easier if you know that just about anything you throw together will match/look good together. Another perk of a capsule wardrobe for work, is a good number of these pieces will still be office-appropriate in other seasons, making future shopping less painful on your wallet.

I pulled this capsule wardrobe together entirely from one affordable store: Target! I love Target because they generally have affordable, but good quality staple pieces. I also prefer to do shopping for stuff like this in one place (or from one big online order) so I can drum up some easy go-to outfits to make my life easier later on.

This capsule contains 16 pieces, which can be combined into dozens of different outfits. Virtually everything is neutral, which means these pieces should also mix into other things you own already without any problem. Plus, if you were to snap up every item I selected, you’d have an entire work wardrobe for under $500! Bonus: chances are you already have 2-3 very similar pieces in your work wardrobe already (unless you’re brand-new to the working world), making this capsule wardrobe even easier to attain. Without further ado, lets jump into the pieces I’ve selected!


Untitled design (1)

Houndstooth Tie-Neck Blouse | Peach Hi-Neck Top | Ruffled Blouse


Untitled design (2)

Tan Blazer | Faux Leather Jacket | Green Trench-Style Jacket


Untitled design (5)

Navy Pencil Skirt | Mustard Jumpsuit | Wide-leg trousers | Ankle Pants


Untitled design (3)

Nude Heels | Black Pumps | Snakeskin Flats


Untitled design (4)

Reversible Tote Handbag | Heart Earrings | Layered Necklace

Example outfit combinations:

Outfit 1:

Untitled design

Mustard Jumpsuit |Reversible Tote Handbag | Heart Earrings | Layered Necklace 

Nude Heels

Outfit 2:

Untitled design (6)

Peach Hi-Neck Top |Navy Pencil Skirt |Tan Blazer | Heart Earrings |Nude Heels

Outfit 3:

Untitled design (8)

| Ruffled Blouse  | Wide-leg trousers |Nude Heels  |Green Trench-Style Jacket

Outfit 4:

Untitled design (9)

Faux Leather Jacket | Peach Hi-Neck Top | Ankle Pants|Snakeskin Flats

As you can see, there are SO many easy ways to style these pieces. If you’ve never tried out a capsule wardrobe before, I’d highly recommend giving it a go! You may be surprised by how it simplifies your morning, and breathes life into your clothing budget!

Have you ever considered a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,

Amanda Kennedy

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2 thoughts on “Fall Capsule Work Wardrobe: Target Edition

  1. I tried my first capsule wardrobe this summer and it was so much fun!! I’m really into them now. I love the pieces you chose for this one, they’re so perfect for fall. I also think the way you arranged them in these photos were super helpful to see what the outfits would actually look like. I think my favorite outfit is the last one!

    Miles of smiles,



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