American Eagle Style Drop Clothing Rental Service Review

Alright y’all. I’m gonna be honest. I try my darndest to keep my reviews positive, but honest. There is already so much negativity on the internet, and I really don’t want to add to it.

That all being said… This is not going to be a great review. I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with subscription clothing boxes, and this is my least favorite. Check out my review of other subscription clothing services: Express Style Trial or Gwynnie Bee. Now that I’ve gotten that piece out of the way, let’s discuss why I feel this way.

How It Works

Like many other clothing rental boxes, you create an account, pay for the service, and begin to select clothing from their options. The service requires you to select 8 items for your virtual closet, and then begins to ‘pack up your box’. In all reality, you probably need to select closer to 20 items to get your first box out in a timely manner, which wa another thing that annoyed me about this service- I had a hard time picking out a bunch of stuff I actually wanted to receive.

Each box will include three items, which you can keep as long as you’d like. You have the option to purchase anything that comes in the box at a discounted rate, or send it back once you’re ready to let it go. Once you are ready to return your items, you can ‘return notify’ the service, so they can start preparing your next box. You pay a flat fee of $50 a month for unlimited boxes.

What I Got

Box 1:



My thoughts on the dress: really cute, love the color for fall, and honestly way too short to wear more than the single time I actually wore it.


This might have been my favorite item from the whole month, and definitely from the first box. It was perfect for a work day, but also would be cute for a date night or other event. Oh… and sorry for the super classy bathroom selfies.


This sweater was comfy but honestly kinda mehhh in my opinion. It was cute, but not something I would have ever bought.

Box 2:

I’m going to apologize in advance for how much this second box sucked. You’ll also notice that all of the pictures are super awkward messy-bathroom mirror selfies, because I didn’t actually wear a single one of these  items out in public. You’ll see why in a minute.




So, the lavender jacket was easily the cutest thing that came in this box, which isn’t saying much. I honestly just didn’t have a good chance to wear it, and was eager to swap out this dud of a box for a fresh assortment of clothing.


Ah, nothing like an orange-ish jumpsuit to make you wonder WHO ON EARTH thought anything that resembles a prison jumpsuit would be a cute look?


Last, but not least (and by least, I mean not the worst), was this leopard print top. It’s a little cropped, but about as thick as a jean jacket and very boxy. Not at all flattering, and I honestly just didn’t think it was cute.

Box 3:


This box was a definite improvement over box 2, although that isn’t really saying much.


This green jumpsuit was a really fun outfit for going out to dinner. Definitely not something I could wear to work, but I thought it was still pretty cute.


This maroon jumper was pretty stinking cute too. I loved this look for going out for dinner and drinks with friends, but after wearing it once, I was glad I hadn’t purchased it. It was a little too short to be completely comfortable in all night.


This dress was another win in my book- conservative enough in length and coverage to wear to work, despite the figure-hugging style.

My Honest Opinion

The key to rental subscription boxes is the turnaround time. If you can keep enough items closeted, wear the clothes as soon as you get them, and stay on top of ‘return notifying’, you’ll get the most out of any rental service like this.

My first qualm with this service was the speed. I signed up on a Sunday, and my first box didn’t ship out until Wednesday and didn’t arrive until Friday. I wore the items during the weekend and Monday. I return notified the service on Monday, but my next box didn’t ship out again until Thursday. At this rate, I would be lucky to get three boxes in one month, which brings me to my next point: the value.

Paying $50 a month to wear 9 different articles of clothing for one day that are all $50 and under just doesn’t make that much sense to me. I also wasn’t very impressed with the selection of clothing I had to choose from. While I did find a couple of pieces I liked, I felt like there should have been a lot more options considering the expansive choices that American Eagle offers. I suppose if you LOVE American Eagle, and find yourself wearing a lot of their clothing, this might be a great fit for you, especially considering the discount you get on items if you decide to keep them. I just don’t find myself wearing ton of this kind of clothing- it isn’t nice enough for my office, but wasn’t always a good fit for my weekend plans either.

However, on the off chance you are finding yourself inspired to try out the service for yourself, click here to get $10 off your first month.

What are your thoughts on subscription clothing boxes? I’ve been experimenting a lot lately, and am always looking for recommendations!

Until next time,

Amanda Kennedy

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