Ideas for transitioning your favorite summer pieces into fall

We all have that one dress we wore allllll spring/summer because it’s comfy, and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. I encountered the PERFECT dress like this during our beach trip in early October. While it was still warm out, I loved wearing it to fun events (like the goodwill fashion show!) or date nights.


As it got colder in Knoxville, I couldn’t get away with wearing a slinky strapless dress anymore without freezing to death. The other day, I saw it shoved behind some other warm-weather clothing, and it made me wonder how many other ‘warm-weather’ pieces I loved had been buried due to dropping temperatures… So I set out on a quest to find a few other ways to style one of my favorite warm-weather dresses for the dropping temperatures!

Option 1: Add a jacket.


Jacket | Dress (similar)| Heels

This may sound obvious, but adding one of your staple neutral cardigans or jackets is a great way to keep yourself warmer on those chillier nights. I love that this is an edgier date-night look- a pair of heels, cropped moto jacket and leopard print really makes me feel sassy!

Option 2: Layer a sweater over the top, and add booties on the bottom.


Sweater | Dress | Booties

Adding a thin sweater not only makes this look a little more casual, but turns your favorite dress into a trendy wrap skirt! Adding a sweater in the same tones as your booties really pulls this look together, without making you look like you tried to hard. This look could easily transition from daytime errands or brunch, into any evening activities. I also love that this look is a little more conservative- it could make a great outfit for church or a family outing. I even added a knot to my sweater to help this look accentuate my waist and give me a little shape.

Option 3: Turn your dress into a skirt, and add a crop top!


Long Sleeve Shirt | Dress | Booties

This is another easy look that’s a little more trendy than option 2. For this look, you actually fold over the dress to turn it into a skirt, rather than layering a piece over the top of it. This allows you to show a little bit of skin (if you want too) and make your dress into a completely different piece of clothing. I chose black booties to go with this (instead of tan) to keep the colors simplified throughout the whole look. I also think this would look great with a pair of sneakers, to make it even more casual.


Hopefully this post gave you a few ideas for sneaking those favorite spaghetti strap dresses into your fall wardrobe rotation. I am ALL about getting as much wear out of fewer items as possible- it’s amazing how creative you can get with some of those neutral pieces!

Do you have any fun ideas for incorporating your summer clothing into your fall wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Amanda Kennedy

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