Banana Republic Style Passport Subscription Box Review

Hellooooooooooooo friends.

Comin’ in hot today with another clothing rental subscription box.. please don’t be mad. I don’t want to spoil the ending to this story, but lets just say it’s a happy one 😉

Today I’m sharing my one-month experience using the Banana Republic ‘Style Passport’ subscription box service. It operates almost identically to every other clothing rental box out there, but I’ll dive into the details just in case you aren’t familiar with how these services work.

How Does it Work?

You create an account, pay for the service, and then you can begin ‘closeting’ (aka choosing) items you’d like to receive in your box. The service costs $80/month, which is a slightly higher price point than most of the other services I’ve seen ($50-$60 a month). The higher fee doesn’t really surprise me since the price point of clothing at Banana Republic is higher than the price point of most of clothing offered by other companies with subscription services (Express, American Eagle, etc.). Once you’ve closeted 8 items (aka saved stuff you want to wear), your first box will ship with 3 items in it. In my experience, the turn around time is pretty quick with this service, which I really appreciate. You can keep the items as long as you’d like, and have the option of purchasing the items at a discounted rate (usually ~50% off retail), or sending them all back. Once you are ready to send back/purchase your items, you’ll ‘return notify’ the system, so the warehouse will begin packing up your next box.

Is it worth the cost?

In my experience, it took 2 days for the next box to ship out after doing the return notification, and then 2-3 days for the box to arrive. This allowed me to get three boxes in the span of one month, so it ultimately cost me $80 to rent 9 pieces of clothing, making each item I rented cost $8.89 per wear.  This isn’t such a terrible breakdown (in my opinion) because each item I received was valued over $100 retail, with many being closer to the $150 mark. One other thing you may want to consider is the cost of dry cleaning- each of the items I received was dry-clean only. Since laundering the items is taken care of by the rental company, there is a significant cost/time saving since I didn’t have to pay for, or take the time to drop off/pick up any dry cleaning.

What items did I get? How did I style them? What were your thoughts on the clothing?

Box 1:


The first three items I got were all perfect work pieces. Here is how I styled them:


Dress | Blazer | Heels (similar)

This dress was absolutely perfect for an office day! It was slimming, fitted, and flattering while still being 100% work appropriate. The slit gave it a little edge without losing any modesty. My office is a no-go for bare shoulders, so I added a blazer and pumps to pull it all together. I think this dress would even look great with a cardigan and booties or flats if your workplace is a little more casual.


Dress | Booties | Bag | Earrings

This dress was so stinking cute! I loved the ‘military’ look, but the belt cinched the waist, giving it a more feminine feel. The fabric was a vegan suede and it seriously felt like butter. This dress was such high quality, and really shook up my office wardrobe from the usual blacks and greys. The dress also comes in a tan, either of which would be great for work or a casual outing!


Blouse | Joggers | Heels | Bag

Last, but not least in box #1 were these “fancy” joggers. They had a cropped fit, and elastic tie waistband that somehow made a sweatpant style office appropriate. I probably would have never ordered something like this online, but I’m so happy I tried this out- it’s made me willing to test out things I’ve always thought wouldn’t look good on me.

Box 2:

I totally forgot to screenshot the item descriptions for this box, but here’s what I got in box 2.


Leopard Jumpsuit | Blazer| Bag | Heels

I loved how easily this jumpsuit was for a fresh work look. The animal print was on the bold side for my conservative office, but the modest neckline and fit made it a perfect pair with a simple blazer and heels. These are my favorite work outfits because they are seriously so easy!


Moto Jacket | Cami | Skirt| Heels | Bag

No lie, I wore this skirt three times before I sent it back.. probably the piece that surprised me the most. It dressed up easily with the same heels, but with a black sweater and black tote for work. It was also easily converted for a girls night out with pizza, and another night downtown for drinks and burgers! This is probably something I never would have bought, but ended up loving.


Jumpsuit | Blazer | Heels | Bag

I’ve been on a roll with subscription boxes and jumpsuits, and this one is another hit! I love the utility/military style of this particular style. The olive green works well with so many other colors, and slides right into my favorite work uniform of a blazer and heels, but would also be sooooo cute with a more casual pair of shoes.

Box 3:


Shirt | Leggings | Shoes

When I first put on this shirt, I was obsessed. I loved how effortlessly put together it made my football-watching outfit. Unfortunately, I didn’t love it for long. Despite having steamed the shirt before wearing it, it was almost immediately wrinkled again. It ended up looking like I’d slept in it all day even though it had only been fifteen minutes.


Jumpsuit | Heels

Aaaaaaaand the jumpsuit train continues with this adorable velvet number. It absolutely screamed holiday party to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to wear it anywhere. But I wish I did.


Sweater | Jeans| Booties

I was immediately impressed with the luxe texture of this sweater- it was super chunky and warm, but in a cropped silhouette that didn’t drown me. It would definitely keep you warm, but also look really tailored.

All in all, This has been by far my favorite subscription clothing service. If you shop at Banana Republic already, have an office job that requires nice workwear, or just enjoy the style of these items without the commitment of keeping them, I highly recommend you try it out for yourself!

If you are interested in trying out Banana Republic’s Style Passport (and getting $20 off your first month!) you can sign up here.


Until next time,

Amanda Kennedy

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