New York & Company Closet: Subscription Clothing Box Review

Hey y’all!

I have been on a serious subscription clothing box kick recently – if you’ve been following along on the blog, that should come as no surprise. I’ve personally been pretty shocked by the amount of people finding my blog through some of these reviews. Since they’ve been so popular, I’ve decided to keep ’em rollin’.

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So, in today’s blog post I’ll be discussing The New York & Company Closet Subscription Clothing Box.

NY & Co Closet operates almost exactly the same way to every other clothing rental box out there, but I’ll go through the details just in case you aren’t familiar with how these services work.

How Does it Work?

You go to the site, setup a login, pay for the service, and then you can begin ‘closeting’ (aka choosing) items you’d like to receive in your box. The service costs $49.95/month, which is a pretty standard price point compared to the other services I’ve seen ($50-$60 a month).  I will say, the $50 fee does seem kind of high based on the price point of most of the clothing NY & Co sells (They always seem to have 40 or 50% off deals going on). Once you’ve closeted 8 items (aka saved stuff you want to wear), your first box will ship with 3 items in it. If you can find more items that you like, it’s always better to go ahead and add them to your closet. The more stuff you have to choose from, the quicker your boxes will probably come.

I found that the turn around time was pretty quick with this service, which I have grown to appreciate. You can keep the items as long as you’d like, and have the option of purchasing the items at a discounted rate (usually ~50% off retail), or sending them all back. Once you are ready to send back/purchase your items, you’ll ‘return notify’ the system, so the warehouse will begin packing up your next box. I’d recommend doing this as soon as you’re wearing the last item(s) so they can get your next box packed up ASAP.

Is it worth the cost?

In my experience, it took 2 days for the next box to ship out after doing the return notification, and then 2-3 days for the box to arrive. This allowed me to get three boxes in the span of one month, so theoretically it cost me $50 to rent 9 pieces of clothing, making each item I rented cost $5.55 per wear.  This isn’t such a terrible breakdown, if I actually wore all of the items (more on that later).

What items did I get? How did I style them? What were your thoughts on the clothing?

NOTE** I’m apologizing in advance for the large majority of mirror selfies on this post – I didn’t wear a good number of these items, so I didn’t take a ton of “blog-worthy” photos.

Box 1:


This green dress was cute and a good option for work, but nothing I really got excited about. It wasn’t a color I had in my wardrobe already, so it was a nice change of pace.


This sweater dress was probably my favorite piece in the box. It was a little short, but fine for a date night.


This dress was so awful, it was funny. It was this horrific sickly looking green-yellowish color. In the pictures, it looked more gold with green undertones. It also looked like something I would have been able to wear to work, but turned out to be this weird sweatshirt material. Not cute, and definitely not work appropriate.

Box 2:


This dress was easily the best item I got the entire month. It hugged my body in all the right places, and yet was still very class and work appropriate. I even loved the fun red color!


This was another dress I thought would be work appropriate but DEFINITELY was not. It seemed to be similar in style to the red one, but it had a slit. In the picture, the slit looked small enough that I could still be fine at work. Unfortunately, the placement of the slit made it a no-go for me. I didn’t end up even wearing this dress.


This dress was a straight-up gamble, and I definitely took a loss on this one. Again, it seemed pretty cute in the picture (on a model, duh) but just looked crazy on me. It was bulky, heavy and it didn’t really have any shape to it. Long story short, it wasn’t flattering, so I never wore it.

Box 3:


First item in box #3 was this sporty-chic skirt. I was simultaneously getting track-star and business vibes. The material was comfortable, and I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something a little different.


This floral dress was pretty cute. It could easily work for the office, or a date night. It was cute but I wasn’t in love with it.


This jacket was the only top I got throughout the entire month of using the service. In all honesty, it was just kind of meh.

My Thoughts on the Service

I really try to keep these reviews positive, but I don’t have a ton of great things to say about this box. The service itself is great, but I’m just not a huge fan of the clothing NY & Co offers on the whole. I think if New York and Company is somewhere you regularly shop, or if you can find a lot of stuff on their website/in store that you like, it could be a great fit for you. For me personally, I just didn’t see a lot of stuff I loved, so I ended up not wearing a lot of the items I got, because I didn’t really love them once I tried them on.

I recognize that everyone has a different style, so I would still recommend this service based ONLY on the fact that I thought the service as a whole was good. As far as my personal style goes, this particular subscription box was just not for me.

If you are interested in trying out New York and Company’s Closet subscription box for yourself (and getting $10 off your first month!) you can sign up here.

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Amanda Kennedy

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