Skincare ABC’s: ‘C’ is for Vitamin C

Happy hump day y'all! It is Wednesday, and that means we are already halfway through this week! Annnnddd that also means my husband comes home tomorrow- YAY! Anywho, based on the feedback I got from y'all on Instagram this past week, I decided to do this week's Skincare ABC post in a video format. Let [...]

Skincare ABCs: ‘B’ is for Beta Hydroxy Acid

Skincare ABCs: ‘B’ is for Beta Hydroxy Acid

Happy Halloween y'all- and welcome to the second week of ‘The Skincare ABC’s’ on The Amanda Kennedy Blog! I know last weeks post was a long one, so buckle up. This week, we are covering a similar topic. Beta hydroxy acids, or BHAs. WHAT are BHAs? As far as cosmetics go, BHAs refer to the ingredient [...]

Skincare ABC’s: Ingredients you should know about

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to start a dedicated series on The Amanda Kennedy Blog- especially this one. To be honest, I am a die-hard skincare junkie, and spend more time researching and learning about skincare than just about anything else. After all, your face is the first thing you put forward out into the [...]